All you want to see about what I do
Atox, a competitive network
With the main goal of creating the best competitive network
ever, the Atox development team, including me, is building a
Minecraft PvP network.

This project is being worked on really much and the server
is growing up every day.
Devi, what you want
Devi is a moderator, music and utility bot
that helps you make your guild unique.
Speed up your guild with awesome features, for free.

Started in 2017, we paused working on this project
to focus on a different one.
An upcoming platform about the recently announced game made by
Hypixel Studios, Hytale, where you can share, advertise and
discuss about the game.

This website is not being worked on as we are waiting
for the Hytale team to release new stuff.
A multitasking, advanced bot used to aid you
in the management of yor server with unique
features and new technologies.

The website has been recently reworked with
new systems such as the web dashboard, that
helps you managing everything.
My personal website where I share my creations,
show my projects and talk about what I do.

I started working on this website one year ago
but never used it for anything important.